Budgeting Tips for a Successful ICD-10 Transition

School buses are chugging through suburban neighborhoods. The early morning holds a taste of cool crispness. Department stores are displaying coats and sweaters. Yes, fall is in the air. And you know what else is in the air?  Annual budgeting.  Read More

Live CEU Webinar: Value-Based Modifier Payment Models

value-based-reimbursementWhether or not your organization has already been participating in value-based modifier payment models, starting in 2015 all organizations will be required to participate—or face CMS reimbursement reductions.

Get the most up-to-date details on the value-based modifier program, including how this program will affect physician practices, how to start participating and more by attending a complimentary webinar on November 18 at 1 pm EST/10 am PST: Value-Based Modifier Payment Models. Register now! Read more

Webinar Recording Now Available: Protect Revenue and Be Ready for ICD-10

webinar-iconThanks to everyone who attended our webinar, Protect Revenue and Be Ready for ICD-10, on October 21st. During the webinar ICD-10 expert Sunjanel Avecilla, EMT-P, CMC, CMIS, CMOM, CPC from the Practice Management Institute, discussed what organizations need to know from a clinical standpoint, how to access your training needs and vendor preparedness and more. Read more

The Real Price of Getting Paid

Real-Price-InfographicWhen you hear “14 percent,” it doesn’t sound like very much. Fourteen percent of your day is just under three and a half hours – not quite an entire REM sleep cycle. Fourteen percent of a $50 restaurant tab is seven dollars, the cost of an appetizer.

But when you realize that physician practices spend 14 percent of their bottom line just to collect patient payments, this amount no longer seems insignificant. A urologist’s annual salary is $461,000, and 14 percent of this amount is $64,540. That’s enough money to buy a luxury car and have cash left over, or even purchase a home in some areas. Better yet, it’s enough to give six diligent physician practice staff a bonus of more than $10,000 each! Read more

Turn ICD-10 Panic into Peace of Mind

Nightmare-catEver had the “unprepared student” dream? You know, the one where you show up late for your most important exam, can’t find the classroom and don’t remember anything you studied? That feeling of fear and stress isn’t something you want to relive – especially not in real life!

The one-year countdown to ICD-10 officially began on October 1, and it’s the ideal time to make sure you’re on track for a worry-free transition. By evaluating key components of the conversion, you can determine what must be accomplished in these final months: Read more