ICD-10’s First Month: Smooth Sailing or Hurricane Weather?

If you’ve spent any time in the South, you’ve probably lived through (or at least near) a hurricane. When it hits, it’s a non-stop volley of activity: building-height tidal waves, felled telephone poles and streets turned into rivers. In contrast, the hurricane’s eye – its midpoint – can bring fair skies and gentle winds. If you were standing in the eye and didn’t know better, you’d think, “Hey, this feels great! I’m going to pour some sweet tea (after all, we’re in the South), grab a book and hang out on the deck.”

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Ready to Take Your Place in the Cockpit? What Healthcare Business Intelligence Strategies Have in Common With Altimeters and Accelerometers

Tom-Cruise-Healthcare-Business-IntelligenceThe airspeed indicator. Suction gauge. Altimeter. ADF radio. Accelerometer. Fuel quality indicator. If you have any aviation knowledge, you know I’m describing the airplane’s cockpit, its control center that has a seemingly endless amount of instruments measuring critical numbers. When you see a cockpit for the first time, it’s easy to be both dazzled and overwhelmed by the complex instrument panels and gauges. To pilots, however, the cockpit represents awareness, knowledge and control. It’s the nerve center that feeds them actionable data so they know what to do next. Read more

Live CEU Webinar – Reorient Your Patient Payments Collections Strategies Around Your Patients

webinar-patient-payment-solutionsOn January 1, 2016, new health plans take effect and patient deductibles reset. Is your organization prepared to handle the increase in patient payments responsibility? Are you confident that in 2016 you’ll be able to manage even more patients with high deductible health plans?

Join Navicure on Tuesday, December 15th at 1 pm EST/10 am PST for a complimentary webinar, Reorient Your Patient Collections Strategies Around Your Patients, to learn how to effectively collect from patients and avoid costly bad debt write-offs. Register now!
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Webinar Recording Now Available – ICD-10: The Good, Bad and Ugly

webinar-iconThanks to everyone who attended our webinar, ICD-10: The Good, Bad and Ugly, on November 10th. During the webinar, ICD-10 expert Ken Bradley discussed the how payers are performing post-transition, what types of rejections are most prevalent and the latest industry news.

To learn more, click here to download a recording of this webinar. After you’ve listened, let us know if you have any questions or comments.

QRURs: What are they and how can they help your practice?

dog_peanutbutter_xlargeQRUR. If you try to say it four times fast, you may feel like you’ve got too much peanut butter in your mouth. Despite its difficult phonetics, the QRUR, or Quality and Resource Use Report, is a term physician practices should be using quite a bit in the upcoming years.

QRURs provide comparative information so physicians can view examples of the clinical care their patients receive in relation to the average care and costs of other physicians’ Medicare patients. Last year, CMS made the QRURs available to a specific group: solo physicians or practices that had 1) billed under the TIN and 2) had one eligible case for a cost or quality measures included in the QRURs. As of September 2015 though, the 2014 Annual QRUR is available to every practice nationwide. Read more