The ICD-10 Delay: What Does It Mean for Your Practice?

ICD10 TransitionWhether the latest ICD-10 delay makes you irritated or takes a huge weight off your shoulders, all practices are wondering the same thing – where do we go from here?

Chances are there will be more questions in the coming days and weeks, especially since the implications of the new legislation are still unclear in regards to the new deadline. This article from Modern Healthcare explores several of these questions, such as: Read more

Automating Workflow for More Effective Revenue Cycle Management

automation-gearsInefficiency costs a lot. In fact, The Health Imperative: Lowering Costs and Improving Outcomes report published by the Institute of Medicine estimates time spent on unnecessary administrative tasks, such as making phone calls to pharmacies, manually verifying patient insurance coverage and resubmitting denied claims costs the average small practice around $314,953 a year. Read more

Evaluating Your Revenue Cycle from Start to Finish

RCM-Start-to-FinishIn healthcare, nothing stays the same for long. While changes like ICD-10 and Meaningful Use are good, they do present new challenges, particularly when it comes to ensuring optimal financial performance.

To verify your revenue cycle is operating at the highest possible level, it’s imperative to regularly evaluate each step of the payment process and identify potential areas for improvement. Read more