Live CEU Webinar: ICD-10 Is Delayed – Now What?

Capital-Building-ICD-10Despite months of CMS assuring organizations that the ICD-10 deadline would not change, Congress stepped in and pushed the date back by at least one year to October 1, 2015. The reaction has been swift and divided, leaving provider organizations wondering what to do next. Read more

Offensive and Defensive Strategies for Using Automation to Enhance the Compliance Process

defensive-strategies1Every day, practices put themselves at risk being audited, or even fined, because they aren’t in compliance. Thankfully, technology can help by enabling practices to better detect, monitor and prevent potential compliance issues. When utilized as part of a comprehensive compliance plan, practices can both avoid self-inflicted costly audits and ensure the collection of accurate payment. Read more

The ICD-10 Delay: What Does It Mean for Your Practice?

ICD10 TransitionWhether the latest ICD-10 delay makes you irritated or takes a huge weight off your shoulders, all practices are wondering the same thing – where do we go from here?

Chances are there will be more questions in the coming days and weeks, especially since the implications of the new legislation are still unclear in regards to the new deadline. This article from Modern Healthcare explores several of these questions, such as: Read more