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Slide Share: Developing Criteria for a Data Analytics Solution - Five Crucial Elements

Healthcare organizations have never been in greater need of truly actionable data to compel change. A solid data analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform analyzes the lifecycle of a claim from submission through post-adjudication—delivering the data necessary to improve revenue cycle transparency, plus increase cash flow and staff efficiency, productivity ...

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What Geometry 101 Can Teach You about Data Analytics … And Five RCM Analytics Criteria to Keep in Mind

Believe it or not, you learn the core concept of evaluation in high school geometry class. This concept is the conditional statement, or in its easier-to-remember format, the “if-then statement.” (Because let’s face it, there’s a grain of truth in every high school students’ call to arms, “I’ll forget every ...

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Live Webinar for CEU Credit - Prepare Now for Resetting Deductibles

Earn 1.0 CEU for attending the live event*. On January 1, 2017, new health plans take effect and patient deductibles reset. With the average patient deductible now at $1,318, is your organization prepared to handle the increase in patient responsibility? Learn how you can prepare now for this increase by attending a ...

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Avoid Collections Agencies with Five Patient Payment Best Practices

What’s a major recent change in today’s gas stations and airline check-ins? Hint: Think back to 20 years ago when you had to fill up your car in the rain. Remember dashing across the parking lot to pay the clerk? And don’t forget waiting in line to get a boarding ...

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Webinar Recording Now Available: Gold-Medal Appeals

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar, Gold-Medal Appeals, on September 14th. During the webinar, Tammy Tipton discussed the rights that healthcare organizations should have to a full and fair appeal review and how to hold payers accountable for decisions which impact care and revenue To learn more, click here to ...

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