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Mothers’ Wisdom Can Prevent Turnover in your Front-office and Billing Teams

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Considered the busiest flower sales day of the year, Mother’s Day is an annual reminder of the sage wisdom doled out by moms everywhere: Treat people how you want to be treated, work is its own reward, and showing up is half the battle. Not only do these sayings come in handy in everyday life, they’re also useful when considering ways to improve employee retention in your front office and billing staff.

It takes a great deal of effort to find–and keep–the right person for the job, and these days, hiring based on attitude or metrics alone isn’t enough. It takes an ongoing commitment to train, manage and motivate people, because regardless of how well you treat employees, constant turnover can take an unfavorable hit on your bottom line.

With this in mind, here are three ways you can build a more rewarding work environment and make a dent in turnover, too.

  1. Foster an environment where people want to be self-motivated. This begins with an intensive onboarding process that clarifies how your organization works and how their role fits into the mix, so they understand their potential impact. It continues with frequent, regular check-ins to help staff continue to succeed, guiding them through tough spots, celebrating successes, and most importantly, listening to their concerns and ideas.
  2. Build a team based on collaboration and accountability. Cross-train teams so everyone understands how the office functions and what the daily stressors are for each role. Make teamwork the default with regular Q&A and problem-solving sessions and make sure to set clear expectations and metrics that everyone works toward together. Then, because “don’t do as I do, do as I say,” is a mom-ism full of its own irony, ensure leadership exemplifies these behaviors.
  3. Reward employees. Competitive compensation, advancement opportunities and special programs, such as bonuses for meeting monthly goals or work-from-home days, are just another way to show you value them not only as a person, but as an employee.

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