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Lessons from summer vacation packing – What’s on your revenue cycle team’s list?

Summer is officially here and that means fun time in the sun and relaxing trips to the beach! But before you can jet off to soak up that Vitamin D and leave your troubles behind, there is the daunting task of packing! A packing list helps determine all of the essential items you’ll need for your trip, including those essential daily items (toothbrush and contact solution), that more often than not, get left behind. A well-prepared list ensures a well-packed suitcase and stress-free trip!

Just like your vacation packing list, you can create one for your revenue cycle team that can help drive success and forgo that “I think I’m forgetting something” feeling. Here are 4 tips that will help you do just that:

1. Maximize your space: Just as you would only have a certain amount of space in your suitcase for all of your belongings, the same is true for your revenue cycle team. Each team member has eight hours in a day and their space and time needs to be used to its fullest potential to produce the best results. Team members also need to be accountable for their work space as a messy, unorganized desk can lead to lower productivity.

2. Optimize your schedule: Many vacationers choose to develop an itinerary when traveling. Having the right, trained staff members in the driver’s seat can ensure your schedule, particularly your staffing schedule, is optimized, leading to saved revenue, increased efficiency and a reduced chance of a future headache.

3. Clear your clutter: Just as you don’t need 10 pairs of shorts for a five day vacation, you probably don’t need five people doing the same job, especially if you’re a smaller practice. Delegating job responsibilities and sharing the workload helps make it more bearable for all staff members and can further streamline processes and help staff be more accountable for their work. Doing so can increase staff retention and aid the executive team to know who is reaching their goals and driving company improvement.

4. Empower your team: Going on a group trip can be scary, but if the trip leader encourages their fellow travel companions to help make trip decisions, everyone is happier. Listening and acting on your employees’ suggestions and observations as well as motivating them will help increase performance and encourage a positive work environment and company culture.

So finish your list and break out the suitcase. Just don’t forget your toothbrush and contact solution. Bon voyage!

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