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Easy as Pie: Most Effective Training Techniques for Learning New Technology

Ah, the summertime. As we near longer days, picnics in the park and enjoying time out in the sun, nothing can be more delicious than a slice of freshly baked pie topped with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream. But how did the phrase “easy as pie” come to be? Although eating the finished dessert is not hard at all, without a recipe or a helpful teacher, making a pie on your own could prove to be quite a challenging task.

The same is true for rolling out new technology, or even compliance updates, at your healthcare organization. It takes a guidebook, a trainer, and most importantly hard work and practice to achieve successful organization-wide adoption. If your organization is planning to roll out a new technology platform such as a data analytics solution, consider these training techniques for bringing staff up to speed.

1. Find your super users. Start with your team leaders or a small work group to learn the technology first. By practicing a slow rollout, it will be easier to work through bottlenecks and streamline when introducing to the broader team. These super users are also well equipped to answer questions that arise from others down the road.

2. Prioritize interactive education. Allow employees ample time to learn new technology. Wherever possible, offer online training and hands-on instructional methods which help staff ingrain new processes into their existing work flows.

3. Monitor results. Review all aspects of implementing new technology to ensure it was installed and configured to your specific needs correctly, that staff has a full understanding of how the technology works and that it properly assists in achieving practice objectives.

4. Celebrate small successes and exercise patience. We all know integrating new technology can be challenging and is rarely a seamless transition. Remember staff need time and practice to adopt to changes. Congratulate staff of progress and encourage them to keep at it, explaining why these new technology can further organizational goals.

By prioritizing staff training, your organization will be better poised to roll out new technology and processes without all the headaches. Compared to previous rollouts, you may find a staff-focused approach helps make the process easy as pie. For tips on how to motivate and empower your front office team, check out our slide share, Six Steps to Energize Front Line Processes.