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Do Your Patients Know How Much You Care?

By Lisa Hanberry, Business Office Manager at Southern Bone and Joint Specialists, P.A.

Simplicity. Leonardo da Vinci said it’s the ultimate sophistication. Albert Einstein said we should find it out of clutter.

It’s a wonderful goal, specifically when working in a complex industry like healthcare, and something we consistently aim for within our busy orthopedic practice. We especially strive for simplicity when it comes to our patients. Our goal is to provide them the simplest, but most effective, experience possible, and that includes giving them a better way to know what they’ll owe for their treatment.

To that end, we see it time and time again: patients are amazed when given an upfront estimate of their care costs. Primarily, they appreciate being given a better sense of what services cost – in advance – so they can plan better for current and future orthopedic services, and make arrangements to pay their balances.

Beyond price transparency, it also shows patients that their providers care about their needs and are actively working to address their demands for top-notch service.

We’re happily using Waystar’s Care Estimator™ as our tool of choice, and with the solution’s recent update, we are looking forward even more to utilizing this functionality to simplify processes and satisfy our patients’ needs.

In the new version, which our organization has been recently beta testing, we now have the ability to upload fee schedules, rather than simply relying on historical remittance data, to generate payment estimations. The ability to use this new data combination gives patients more accurate estimations, while providing us the flexibility to adapt to new contracts or adjust our inputs when contract rates change.

And it’s flexible – meaning organizations can choose whether they want to use historical data, fee schedules, or a combination. That means that even if you don’t use the Waystar claims management solution, this tool will still be of great value in generating estimates for your patients.

At Southern Bone & Joint, we’ve seen firsthand that patient estimates are a great way to improve interactions with patients and ultimately, their satisfaction.

And doing so makes embracing simplicity in the revenue cycle more possible. It not only improves your bottom line, it’s one more way to show patients how much you care about them.

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