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Consider These Gardening Tactics to Drive Billing Team Success

Each year I dread the end of gardening season, when the tomato plants are overgrown and have mixed with out-of-control dandelions, and the whole garden is a mess. While I’m still harvesting some juicy tomatoes, I know it’s time to rip the plant from the ground and start fresh; yet with the inevitable freeze to come, there’s no time to grow another crop.

This can happen with revenue cycle teams as well – where a few wayward team members get in the way of your best performers, and turn the whole office – and your billing practices – into a tangle. If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time for a fresh look at how to address revenue cycle team staffing and performance challenges.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to put your team on the path to success. And truth be told, it may start with cropping the few employees who sew the biggest seeds of discord. Failing to do so can cause your best team members to be frustrated on the job and eventually leave – the last thing you want to reap.

Starting there, however, means you can build an environment where employees care as much about your organization’s success as you do, where they’re highly motivated to help the practice thrive, are highly conscientious of how time and resources are used and contribute to improvements that extend well beyond their job description.

Next on the list, you may want to consider training two or three star performers in the behaviors and processes you’re looking to implement, and have them lead by example, training new staff members in these practices, and giving existing employees a new standard to which they hold themselves.

This can also extend into the way you approach promotions. With new performance standards in place, you can implement stricter and more consistent metric thresholds for employees to be eligible for advancements and other rewards. (While you’re thinking about it, check out this guide that lists ways to optimize billing team performance. Spoiler alert: providing strong training and good incentives are just as important as making your leadership accessible to your teams.)

Doing so shows your organization is focused on rewarding good performance and good performers, and is prepared to weed out those who are unwilling to comply with business standards. And not only will it improve employee retention, it will contribute to a more positive bottom line.

For more insights on ways to improve your revenue cycle, download our resource guide: Key Metrics in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management.