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Cleaning Your Claims Roomba-Style

cat-on-roombaBefore 2002, the terms “robot” and “vacuum cleaner” didn’t really go together, but then iRobot’s Roomba came on the scene. What could’ve been a potentially forgettable cleaning appliance became a pop culture sensation. If you have any doubts, just check out YouTube. There are cats in shark costumes on Roombas. Dogs and cats sparring on Roomba while decked out for Halloween. Or if you like variety, compilations of all of the above.

What’s the moral of this story? It could be a lot of things. It could serve as a reminder that cleaning is fun. Or if you’re not buying that, it could prove there are other benefits to cleaning than just getting something clean. Take claims, for instance. Claims cleaning doesn’t sound like much fun (hey, it’s no cat in an alien costume), but it does have a multitude of benefits.

Claims cleaning helps reduce denial rates, which in turn accelerates and increases claims payment. It gives you better insight into your claims management process, including:

  • What you’re doing well
  • What you should improve
  • How you can improve it

It enables your claims team to work more effectively and contribute to a healthier revenue cycle.

So while it’s no cat dressed like a shark on a Roomba chasing a duck (yep, just check out the compilation), claims cleaning is greatly beneficial. Read Seven Steps to Improve Your Practice’s Revenue Cycle Management to learn how you can apply best practices for achieving cleaner claims. Just give it a try and you might even agree it’s better than a robot vacuum cleaner.