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Work through Billing Challenges and Arrive at the End Zone

Who’s ready for college football? From the Southeastern Conference to the PAC-12, it’s sure to be an exciting, competitive season, especially as the many Navicure UGA alumni rival with other SEC teams including Alabama (Roll Tide!), Auburn and Florida. As coaches prep their starting lineups and players dig deep to solidify their roster spots, division championships hang in the balance and all stakeholders know what challenges they need to overcome to bring home the trophy at the end of the season.

Like all football teams, today’s revenue cycle teams also have to work through challenges if they want to bring home a ‘W’ for their team. Here are some top strategic tips for getting your team to the end-zone:

1. They focus on the big picture. A winning team’s strategy is built by focusing on the next game AND the whole season; on small, consistent plays AND big surprises; and on intense defense AND brilliant offense. In the same way, your revenue cycle strategy needs to align with today’s pressing needs and your organization’s big goals. For example, making sure you understand how to address patients’ wants and needs when it comes to patient billing options, or gleaning insight from data analytics to help you understand where to make your big plays.

2. They’re flexible. Former Florida Gator’s quarterback John Reaves threw a record-breaking 9 interceptions in a single game back in 1969. There’s no chance of winning if you keep focusing on plays that don’t get results. For busy healthcare organizations, that means moving from manual to automated processes, evolving to offer more patient-centric workflows, and prepping to meet new regulatory issues, like navigating to MACRA and MIPS.

3. They build a strong team roster. Winning coaches recruit strong players for their roster, carefully balancing the best ball carriers with killer defensive coordinators and seasoned return players with promising rookies. Similarly, you need to recruit the best talent to your revenue cycle team in order to be successful. Find some tips on best ways to hire and retain the best players for your team here.

Don’t let your revenue cycle processes sideline your success. Navicure is here to help make sure your revenue cycle team not only looks good on paper, but performs great in the field. Check out our newest eBook to learn how your company can ensure its success: Tackling the 4 P’s: Strategies for Ensuring Billing and Front-Desk Success.