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Take Paper Out, Bring Efficiency In

With all the emphasis on electronic health records (EHRs), why are coders still rePaperlessRoadSign_shutterstock_182941991lying on multiple hard-copy codebooks to do their jobs? Think about it: A coder under pressure to get clean claims out the door quickly has to sift through the paper CPT manual open on her lap, the paper ICD-9 book spread across her desk, and the CMS and FDA websites up on her computer screen.
How efficient is that?

Keeping up with constantly changing coding and reimbursement guidelines is a big challenge, and it’s clear that traditional paper-based coding methods have reached their limit. The need for a standalone application that will consolidate hard-to-use, disparate coding information is more important than ever.

Online coding resources like Navicure Code Source™ can help practices save time by allowing coders to easily:

  • Access one resource instead of multiple CPT, HCPCS and ICD-9/ICD-10 books.
  • Get the most up-to-date coding information—automatically updated when guidelines change.
  • Search NDC codes electronically.
  • Reduce A/R days by checking codes against CCI, medical necessity, and other edits to prevent denials.
  • Tap into the advice of experts and colleagues via the online users’ forum.

A unique research platform, it can help practices maintain coding compliance by providing up-to-date regulatory and reference details any time a code is searched. (And rather than scribbling notes in the margins of a codebook, users can embed useful information for each code right within the tool!)

Whether your practice is trying enhance efficiency or prepare for the ICD-10 transition, online coding tools like these can be a valuable asset. Check out this quick overview to learn how Navicure Code Source™ can help streamline your coding processes. You can also learn more by reaching out to your Navicure Client Solutions representative at solutions@navicure.com or 678-221-0682.


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