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Patient Billing Corner
Are Your Payments Walking out the Door?

As is with everything in life, timing is everything. For example, it might be argued that Uber’s phenomenal success can be directly correlated to its debut to the market just as mobile payments were going mainstream and the […]

Patient Billing Corner
From the news: 20 things to know about balance billing | 2017

The practice of balance billing refers to a physician’s ability to bill patients for outstanding balances after the insurance company submits a portion of the bill. However, surprise medical bills, along with narrowing payer networks, continue to increase […]

Patient Billing Corner
3 Revenue Cycle Trends Worth Watching at HIMSS17

What’s the fastest way to turn a happy patient into a frustrated one? An unexpected medical bill is the first thing that comes to mind. Inconvenient payment options stand out, too. Not surprisingly, as patients take on more […]