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Patient Billing Corner
No Need to Fear Your Revenue Cycle this Halloween

Trick or Treat! While some people like to be scared this time of year by visiting their favorite haunted house, I prefer decorating pumpkins and stocking up on Halloween candy. That said, ‘tis the season for spooky stories. […]

Patient Billing Corner
Don’t Let Your Revenue Cycle Be Unlucky this Friday the 13th

Do you freely walk beneath that ladder in your backyard to get to your lawn mower? Open your umbrella in the house? Regularly cross paths with your neighbor’s black cat? While some superstitions are rooted in common sense […]

Patient Billing Corner
Infographic: Digital Payment Progress Report

How do your patient payment processes stack up against MGMA members? Discover what MGMA members reveal in the 2017 Digital Payment Progress Report™ about evolving provider and patient mindsets regarding payment options—and how they impact practice revenue cycles. […]