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Feature Article: Making Revenue Cycle Data Actionable

Leveraging data analytics for financial success is a relatively new idea for healthcare. In this recent HIT Leaders + News article, Jim Denny, founder and CEO of Navicure, outlines best practices for healthcare organizations to make their financial […]

industry news
Feature article: Creating a Winning Patient Payment Strategy: 3 Steps

Today’s patients face new realities when it comes to paying for their healthcare, including navigating rising responsibility and new health plans. In this recent Health System Management article, Navicure customer Linda Ohringer, Executive Director of Clinical Services at […]

industry news
From the news: Keep Medical Practice Overhead Down

The cost of business for healthcare organizations continues to rise, according to recent findings from a Physicians Practice survey. Specifically, 40.4 percent of those surveyed reported their practice’s overhead as a percentage of medical revenue was 41-60 percent. […]