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Paving the Way for a Smooth ICD-10 Transition

navicure-code-source-logo-darkKeeping up with constantly changing reimbursement guidelines is a big challenge, especially for coders who have to frequently switch between cumbersome manuals, hard-copy codebooks and countless websites. The move to ICD-10 only magnifies the problem, making it clear that traditional coding methods have reached their limit.

The need for a standalone application that will consolidate hard-to-use, disparate coding information is more important than ever. Online coding resources allow for easy access to ICD-9/ICD-10 codes, aiding the training efforts to identify the correct codes. This helps practices improve efficiency and reduce the overall impact ICD-10 will have on reimbursement.

A unique research platform, like Navicure’s new Code Source tool, can help practices overcome the challenges associated with ICD-10 to better prepare your practice for the upcoming transition.

If you want to minimize the need for additional coding staff during the ICD-10 transition, online coding tools like these can be a valuable asset. View this overview now to learn how Navicure Code Source can help streamline your coding processes, both in the months leading up to the transition and beyond.