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Making the A+ Grade this School Year

It’s back-to-school time already. There’s a slight chill in the air. Football teams are back in gear, aiming for the win. And students are scurrying through the store with their supply lists to purchase 3-ring binders and planners that facilitate their education and make this new school year a successful one.

Like these school supply lists, many revenue cycle teams also have a list of items they need to stay educated and “make the grade” for both their customers and patients.

Check out four things that continually make the list in our work with leading healthcare organizations to deliver more value from the revenue cycle:

  1. Reliable, real-time estimates at the time of service to simplify billing, eliminate confusion about patient payments, and make it easier for patients to pay up front. Learn how Prima Care, P.C. did just that to reduce unknown costs and surprise bills, which continually frustrate patients.
  2. Multiple ways for patients to submit payments. The top of the list? Credit-card on file, automated payment plans and online payment capability. See how these tools improved billing for Billing Manager Tabitha Hickerson’s team at Family Health Care Medical Group of Modesto.
  3. An easier way to verify a patient’s insurance eligibility. That means no more manually contacting payers; instead, think of the convenience and efficiency you could achieve if your revenue cycle had access to a simple verification tool that automates the entire process and enables real-time or batch processing of requests. Read what Rockford Orthopedics did to decrease rejection rate by 38 percent.
  4. Insight that breaks free from spreadsheets. Move your revenue cycle team beyond confusing tables and rows of data using advanced data analytics and easy-to-interpret dashboards. Learn how Texas Retina Associates leverages analytics to drive process improvements and increase net collections by 4 percent.