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Introducing Navicure Payments™

Navicure is pleased to introduce Navicure Payments, a new solution that facilitates the patient payments process. With Navicure Payments, you’ll be able to:

  • Collect previous balances or co-pays before service via debit, credit or ACH payments improving accounts receivables.
  • Estimate patient financial responsibility at the time of service without having to enter or manage complex payer contracts providing patients with price transparency.
  • Secure patients’ commitment to pay at time of service via Navicure Greenlight™ reducing future bad debt write-offs.
  • Configure payment plans that run automatically and conform to practice guidelines saving both staff and patient time.
  • Collect balances after insurance using securely stored card information avoiding costly statements or collections.

Watch the Navicure Payments video overview to learn more!
Patients Payment Made Simple Video
To schedule a personalized demonstration of the solution, contact Client Services at clientservices@navicure.com