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HIPAA Version 5010 – The Key Changes You Should Know About

By this point, everyone in the healthcare industry is aware that the deadline to transfer to HIPAA 5010 is January 1, 2012—which is only two away at this point!

Even though many practices and technology vendors have been preparing for this change for a year or two, many organizations still have questions about how 5010 is going to impact them. And they are also wondering what they should be doing right now to be sure their practice is completely prepared for HIPAA 5010.

For the most part, the transition will be handled by technology vendors. However, even if this is true for your organization, there are still a few items that every medical practice will have to prepare for in order to be ready for the new transaction standard. For example, when claims are delivered to payers using 5010 (mandatory on January 1, 2012), a nine-digit zip code must be reported in the practice’s Billing Provider and Service Facility Location address fields. This means that all practices need to review the zip code values they currently have set up for the practice street and all service facility addresses to be sure they are valid nine-digit zip codes. If this is not done, practices will not be paid properly – if at all.

The zip code requirement change is just one of 11 major changes that will impact almost every practice in America. In order to make the transition easy for you, we have developed a document that describes each of these changes, what they mean for your practice, what steps you should take to prepare for the change and what vendors you should work with to ensure each change is handled properly.

If your practice does not fully comply with all of the changes, you risk not being properly reimbursed for services rendered. Download your copy of the key changes associated with 5010 today to be sure you are fully prepared.