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Heating Up the Revenue Cycle at Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic

We’re deep into one of the coldest winters on record here in Atlanta and along the East Coast. That’s the perfect time to grab some hot tea, put on your warmest sweater and learn how one of our customers turned up the heat on its revenue cycle.

Challenge: Complex claims needs for two sides of the organization

Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic (LRDC) is a multi-specialty clinic and ambulatory surgery center with approximately 50 providers. The organization manages a high volume of diverse claims including UB-04, 1500 and ASC X23 837, with separate teams handling claims for each side of the organization.

To meet its goal of providing the best of modern medical care at a reasonable cost, they needed a claims management solution that:

  • Streamlined processes and eliminated paper, and
  • Worked for both the physician practice and the ambulatory surgical center.

Solution: Improve every step of the claims management process

Seeking to improve every step of the claims management process, including denials, rejections and appeals, LRDC chose Waystar’s ClaimFlow™ solution. Doing so enabled the organization to automate the claims process and get claims paid sooner. LRDC needed the ability to:

  • View claims and claim status and make adjustments in real time.
  • Deliver automated work lists to automate assignments to the claims team based on custom parameters such as financial class and payer.
  • Post remits quickly and easily.
  • Appeal claims in minutes.

Implementing Navicure, now known as Waystar, has helped LRDC keep pace with their patient volume. “We see about 1,000 patients a day,” said Tina Elliot, EPM Specialist/IT Support. With Waystar, “it’s very easy to manage and track those claims.”

Watch the video to learn what Tina loves most about Navicure’s 3-Ring® Policy.

Results: More efficient teams, greater financial health

Using Waystar, LRDC has empowered staff to be more proactive and has increased claims revenue at the same time.

  • They’ve increased revenue and accelerated cash flow by approximately three percent
  • Teams no longer have to wait to see if claims are rejected and they can immediately take action, which is especially important with high-dollar UB-04 claims
  • Four employees now do the work that it used to take six to do

Ultimately, by heating up its claims management process, LRDC has empowered teams to be more efficient and improved its overall financial health. Check out the full case study here. This kind of revenue cycle success will warm your toes on even the coldest day.

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