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From Complex Maze to Clear Path: Navigating Your ERA

mazeOf all the free toys that used to come in cereal boxes, the tiny plastic maze was the best. With a myriad of elaborate pathways, the maze was topped by clear plastic so you could watch the little silver ball as you tried to maneuver it from beginning to end.

Of course, when navigating those twists and turns became frustrating, you could just shake the maze with all your might and force that little ball to the finish line.

In a practice’s reality, claims management can be much like that maze – but often without the ability to shake the game so you can win. For practices that share a tax ID with a physician group or hospital, the challenges are compounded. When ERA (electronic remittance advice) files are sent to another location, revenue cycle staff must navigate the system via manual workarounds – often searching through reams of paper reports until they find the right match. Despite your team’s best efforts, these manual processes can result in inefficiency, dissatisfaction and greater opportunities for risk and error. In addition, revenue recognition is delayed, as patient posting, statements, appeals and secondary claims are all on hold until the ERA file is complete.

Leveraging technology to make ERA a direct path from payers to your practice has many benefits. It can reduce the risk of HIPAA violations, accelerate payment from both payers and patients and enable your staff to be more productive.

Read the Primary Care Group case study and discover how they overcame inefficiencies and delayed revenue by improving their ERA processes with Navicure® ERA Bridge™. You can also learn more about ERA Bridge by reaching out to your Navicure Client Solutions representative at solutions@navicure.com or 678-221-0682.

When it comes to cereal box toys, a maze is far more entertaining than a straight line. With revenue cycle management, however, the expedient and direct path is always better!

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