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For a Stronger Billing Team, Climb a Mountain

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Hiking is such great exercise – for the body and mind! Tackling even one of these best U.S. hiking trails or a nature path at a park nearby can boost fitness, creativity and happiness. When building a stronger billing team, you sometimes have to climb some mountains, which can include improved staffing, lower turnover, and top performance, just to name a few.

A recent MGMA roundtable event, designed to get at the heart of leading organization’s healthcare revenue cycle management challenges, helped us understand four key ways to hire and retain great staff, which is just one key element in realizing revenue cycle success:

1. Train and advance. For peak performance, teach employees how to do their jobs and do them well – and cross train them to demonstrate how roles work together across the organization. Encourage networking at industry events and provide outside training and education, like HFMA’s Certified Revenue Cycle Representative certification program to help your staff grow into new, more strategic roles. Another training option? Offering access to online training sites like Lynda.com’s Business Training courses.

2. Set clear goals and trust the path. Keep everyone on the same page by establishing measurable objectives and clear directions for desired targets and goals. Then, trust your team with autonomy to get the job done right.

3. Make it friendly. A strong team thrives in a positive, collaborative atmosphere. To build a strong culture that’s valued by employees and leadership alike, encourage friendly employee relationships with office events to keep the team connected and engaged. It will go a long way toward keeping everyone focused on the same goals.

4. Recognize a job well done. Offer small, but significant rewards when your team meets a key goal. Offering staff the flexibility to work from home once or twice a week is a sure way to improve both performance and loyalty.

Get more insight on how your peers optimize staffing and performance from the new eBook, Tackling the 4 P’s: Strategies for Ensuring Billing and Front-Desk Success.