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Ease the ICD-10 transition: Helpful tools to adapt to the new processes

ICD-10-MemeUse Navicure’s premium technology features at no charge

During the ICD-10 transition, your staff probably feels like they’re having to adapt to an onslaught of new processes. Despite your preparations, you may be facing daily challenges. Your rejections might have increased, perhaps due to coding issues or payers that aren’t ready for ICD-10. Remittance may be taking longer, and you may need more historical data to track a claim’s progress to assist with timely filing.

The Navicure team wants to help ease your transition, and we’re making our premium features available to all clients without charge through November 15, 2015. For instance, you’ll be able to utilize online claims correction, expanded claim tracking and access electronic response information received. By using these technology features, you’ll be on the path to a smoother, easier ICD-10 transition.

We welcome you to take advantage of these free tools and our broad library of ICD-10 resources by visiting Navicure University while in Navicure. You’ll find an online tutorial video and quick start HCFA guide to help get you started. Also, if you’re interested in taking advantage of these tools beyond November 15, please contact a Navicure Client Solutions representative directly at solutions@navicure.com or 678-221-0682.

What tools have you found most helpful during these first few weeks of the ICD-10 implementation? How has your staff been adapting to the new processes?

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