Win the run for the roses with your revenue cycle

Break out the mint juleps and don your hats; the most exciting two minutes in sports happens this coming Saturday. Skilled jockeys and thoroughbreds will compete at Churchill Downs for the privilege of being blanketed with roses – […]

Spring-Clean Your Revenue Cycle: Toss, Keep and Maximize Value

It’s time for spring cleaning—and if you ask around, you’ll find people have diverse to-do lists, whether they’re cleaning the gutters or scrubbing the baseboards. For many, including my family, its closet-cleaning time. My wife and daughters have […]

Saving Trees and Cutting Costs With Automation

How will you celebrate Earth Day this April 22? Planting a flower garden with your kids? Educating a classroom of eager learners on environmental issues and steps they can take to improve our planet’s health? Investing in reusable […]

A New Method for Defeating Denials

65% is a substantial figure. Think about it: if your favorite store sent you an email, “65% off all sale items,” you’d be happy. If your kid’s college raised tuition by 65%, you wouldn’t. That’s why the statistic, […]

It’s Stress Awareness Month—Collect More, Stress Less!

Exercising more. Meditating. Disconnecting from our electronic devices. These are all great ways to reduce stress levels and improve quality of life, not just during Stress Awareness month, but all year long. Wouldn’t it be great if there […]

Your Denial Management Questions Answered

Here’s a riddle for you: What do tax returns, mortgage applications and search warrants have in common? The answer: If they’re missing any piece of information, they’ll be denied and returned. The number one reason claims are denied […]

Getting More Revenue From Your Rev Cycle

We just made it through another daylight savings time! Gone are the dark mornings and the sunsets that seem to happen while you’re still at work! (As an aside, did you know daylight savings was enacted in 1918 […]