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Anticipating How ICD-10 Will Impact Your Practice

icd10codesWhile much of the discussion around ICD-10 focuses on claims and coding, the impact will extend well beyond the claims submission processes. Since diagnosis codes are used in so many places by so many people, the ICD-10 conversion will dramatically affect every area of your practice, beginning with patient registration all of the way through billing and payment.

With so many workflow processes to consider, it’s essential to start planning now. This Government Health IT article offers a good place to start and includes a list of questions created by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to help practices identify the various ways ICD-10 will alter their daily operations. This list not only provides a framework for evaluating the key processes and systems that use ICD-10 codes, but it also helps practices hone in on where they will need to focus their planning efforts.

After answering these questions and getting a better sense of exactly how ICD-10 will affect your organization, let us know what areas you think will require the most work for you! What resources do you need in order to be fully prepared for the October 1, 2014 deadline?