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Who We Are

Navicure is a provider of cloud-based healthcare claims management and patient payment solutions that enable healthcare organizations of all sizes to increase revenue, accelerate cash flow, and reduce the cost and effort of managing insurance claims, patient billing and payments, and data analytics. Serving more than 100,000 healthcare providers nationwide, Navicure’s complete healthcare revenue cycle management platform integrates payer and patient billing with an advanced analytics dashboard utilizing real-time data to continually optimize operational workflow and financial results. Navicure’s unique 3-Ring® service supports every client with trained, experienced analysts who guarantee that every call will be answered within three rings. The 2016 Black Book™ RCM Survey recognized Navicure as the top-ranked end-to-end revenue cycle leader in three categories. Navicure is the exclusive claims management and patient payment solution of the MGMA Executive Partner network.

Our Service

Our devotion to our clients is unmatched. In addition to serving our clients with a veteran team of claims experts, our client services team adheres to a strict, 3-Ring® Policy. All calls are picked up in three rings or less. To accommodate this policy the client services team is purposefully overstaffed.

Our Technology

Navicure’s cloud-based application was built using premier hardware and software components, including well known technology names like Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and Cisco. By leveraging a powerful relational database in a transaction-intensive environment, the Navicure platform facilitates highly efficient claim data routing. This is in accordance with the privacy and security requirement stipulated under the HIPAA statute. The Navicure system’s hours of operation are 24 hours a day/7 days a week except scheduled maintenance every Saturday from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM.

For more information, visit www.navicure.com.