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A Healthcare Story Fit for Prime Time: Helping Patients Manage Payment Challenges

Greys-Anatomy-season-11-episode-11-meredith-maggieIn the TV world, hospitals get plenty of airtime. Viewers have watched St. Elsewhere, then ER and Chicago Hope, and now Grey’s Anatomy. But what about physician practices? Of course, TV shows generally focus on medical emergencies, but aren’t practices TV show worthy? Maybe they don’t have as many life-and-death scenarios, but they work diligently to improve patients’ health and quality of life. Surely they have stories worth telling!

For one of those stories, imagine a busy orthopaedic practice settled in picturesque Auburn, Maine. It’s a made-for-TV setting with snow-capped mountains, a beautiful riverside and seasonal foliage. This busy practice treats many patients with severe chronic pain and serious injuries requiring surgeries. Many patients require expensive procedures or long-term care, and like most Americans, they’re coping with much larger out-of-pocket expenses.

Enter the conflict: Patients have a problem paying, but the practice needs these payments to stay financially viable.

OK, sure, it’s a story…but what makes it special? For one thing, it’s how the practice leaders reflect on and manage the problem.

They don’t just see sluggish A/R or uncollected payments. They see patients grappling with greater payment responsibility, patients with financial struggles who simply have a hard time paying. And just like they help with patients’ health problems, this practice sought to help patients with their payment challenges.

Sound like a story worth reading? We think so. Please download the Central Maine Orthopaedics case study and see if you agree─and see if any of the story elements sound familiar to you!

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